Neighborhood Research Tips When Buying Edina Homes

Being a first time Edina home buyer and hunting for your dream home can be quite exciting, and it is possible to eliminate any stress from to the several things that you would have to be keep track of and the factors needed for the several important decisions to make. It is of vital necessity to spend some time searching new neighborhood and looking at the various homes for sale. You might have to do your own research work to find out if the new neighborhood will suit your needs.

One important step of the Edina home buying process that should be done by a first time homebuyer is to explore at least a five block radius of their ideal neighborhood to see if there are any homes for sale. This can be easily done by driving around the area, or navigating your way through your chosen neighborhood using an online mapping tool. This will allow you to have a relatively long list of homes for sale to choose from in the areas of your preference.

A first time homebuyer must also be aware of where the nearest gas stations, grocery stores, public libraries are and the access points to interstate or major highways of the new neighborhood under assessment. Try to imagine what it would be like to live in that specific neighborhood. Keep mental notes of the locations of the various stores, service centers and roadways so the you can easily navigate around the area and commute to work if you decide to buy in that area.

You may also want to learn about zoning laws in your particular neighborhood, especially if you’re considering moving to an entirely new area. While some first time homebuyers are satisfied with the layout and structure of their new home, others are determined to start remodeling within months of moving in. Make sure you understand basic zoning laws and regulations for building pools, decks and extending your home out into the garden or yard so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Finally, you will need to learn about any condo association fees particular to your prospective area, as well as any taxes and other fees specific to the address you want to move to. You can find this information by contacting a real estate professional or checking the local county tax collector’s office website. Most tax collector offices have at least one website that allows you to enter an address and find out tax information. For condo fees and other fees related to the purchase, you can contact a local lender or real estate professional for an estimate.

Taking the time and effort to take find out about the new neighborhood you plan to live in is a vital step in the purchasing any Edina homes for sale. Find out the important details about taxes, zoning laws and other related fees associated with a real estate property purchase by doing online research and contacting a local lender, a mortgage professional or a licensed real estate agent. The data that you have gathered will greatly aid you in deciding which among the homes for sale to purchase.

Realtor and Author Alexandria P. Anderson uses the  Edina Real Estate listings to help her MN realty clients find Edina Homes in Minnesota.


May 14, 2010 at 8:10 am

How Beginning Edina Homebuyers Can Manage Closing Costs

The ramifications of owning a house may intimidate first time homebuyers but being knowledgeable about closing costs can be of great help.Some are not aware that closing costs are typically set at 15 percent of the sales price, and most lenders would require for them to be paid upfront. Achieving your goal of efficiently projecting your available funds and discussing your preferences in the arrangement of final price means being more prudent to identify them earlier, even if some lenders can roll them into the loan package.

Remember that the lender’s primary basis in the amount he presented to you is the sales price paid by the buyer and not necessarily the net price (or the sales price minus the closing costs). There are various ways in which closing costs are allocated and this may need the help of your realtor and lender if only to come up with the most agreeable plan for you to stay within your budget limit.

Having knowledge about the responsibilities of a buyer is the first prerequisite to understanding what closing costs are. The ‘Smart Consumer’s Guide to Home Buying’ book’s author, Barron, explicated how important it is to be aware that contrary to the belief of many, custom prescribes how closing costs are allocated as well as the buyer and seller responsibilities as stated in the contract, and not the law.

All the fees and discount points of the loan are part of the buyer’s responsibilities. The lender adds all these at the end of the contract and may vary differently from one financial institution to another. More often than not, bankers will treat this fee as a part of the contract or may be dispensed depending on the customer, but still you must figure out the exact estimated amount.

The buyer is also responsible in paying the premium of the homeowner’s title insurance policy and has to ensure that this be settled before the purchasing begins. Most will agree that it is beneficial to have some extra cash in your hands to pay for the premium and to avoid getting it rolled into the loan. Note also how premium cost may vary from one insurance company to another. Make some research on the homeowners insurance policy rates or look around for more options before you decide to sign the contract right away. These costs constitute the seller’s obligations.

Sales Commissions – refers to the fees allocated to the agent of both the buyer and the seller. But these may be dependent upon the agent you are working with.

Inspection Costs – refers to the expenses related to the home’s inspection and all other forms of inspection that may be required before the buying and selling commence.

Title Insurance – there is one misconception about title insurance since many first time homebuyers think that they will need to take care of any costs associated with the title company except it. However, title insurance costs are included in the closing cost and thus becomes the seller’s responsibility.

When you know what closing costs are, you can have a better idea as to what your home’s final price will be during the signing. As a matter of fact, if early on the financing process you have done so, the lender may give you necessary information like the fees you will have to pay and discount points among others.

Alexandria P. Anderson is a licensed Minnesota Realtor that uses the Edina real estate search to help her clients to find and purchase Edina Homes and other Twin Cities properties.

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Essential for Buying Your Edina Home Online

It is much easier to get to find your dream Edina homes and take a look at real estate property listings, especially if what you are searching for is in another state, by using the internet search engines. Real estate websites have been created by licensed and professional realtors that have will give you quick and easy access to finding the homes for sale and other real estate property listings in the target area of your choice. It will be simpler to narrow down your homes for sale options by conducting a search in a real estate website that will give you detailed homes for sale listing according to price, location, and the other specific details that you type in.

Using the search facilities of a Edina real estate website to find the latest listings of homes for sale within your state or any other state across the nation will help you save time, money, and effort. There are some essential things that you need to be aware of to be able to conduct a more efficient real estate online property search. Here are some things are to be taken into consideration when searching for any real estate property online:

1. Limit your browsing. Manage the time you have for browsing through the real estate property listings. There will be a vast number of homes for sale to choose from and you can target your search by choose a specific state, then placing in the price range, number of rooms, and other details within a real estate website search tool.

2. Search for a website that will give you access to real estate property listings by state. It is possible to search for individual properties, but that would take up much more of your valuable time and might be even a waste of time if the property is no longer available and ad is still there. By finding a website that has an adequate number of updated listings, you will be able to have a more effective search.

3. Conduct an aerial view of the property. It is easy to get a bird’s eye view of the area that you want to live in and do an outside inspection of the homes for sale you are interested in. This can be done with the use of Google Maps satellite images and other tools. It will allow you to take a closer look at the homes for sale, the garden area, the garage, and area surrounding the home.

4. Don’t rely solely on listing pictures. If it is possible, after making a list of the homes for sale that you are interested in, prepare for your trip to your prospective area by contacting a local licensed real estate agent or a professional realtor of the website that you found the property in. The real estate agent or realtor will take you for a home inspection of the properties that you are interested in and you will be able to get a ‘feel’ of the home, take a better look at what its advantages and disadvantages are, and the home inspections will greatly aid in your making a studied decision towards the purchase of your new home.

5. Check the credentials of the real estate agent. A professional real estate agent can help you to find the right real estate property without the headaches related to the property search and documentation as these things can be handled by them. You would have to find out how established the real estate agent is in the business, their credentials, their track history, if they are licensed, and what kind of listings they have.

6. Use a variety of search tools. Shelley O’Hara and Nancy Lewis, authors of the book, “The Complete Idiot’s Gide to Buying and Selling a Home” encourages prospective homebuyers to use several different sites and home buying tools when doing their research. For targeted search engine results, type in the name of the state you would like to buy property in, and then type in the words ‘buy homes for sale’ to ensure more accurate results. You may be able to find your perfect new home right away.

Alexandria P. Anderson is a Edina Real Estate specialist. If you are looking for Edina Homes for Sale, she can help you to find real estate that’s perfect for your needs. Get a free copy of “The Investors’ Rental Guide” at GreatInvestmentProperty dot com.

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Edina Real Estate

Would you like to live in one of the premier locations of the Twin Cities?  Then you should check out Edina realty!  Edina Minnesota real estate exemplifies the adage “location, location, location!”  For gorgeous homes with modern cities at your doorstep, look no further than Edina MN real estate.

Think that Edina homes for sale are out of your price range?  Think again!  Edina Minnesota homes are available in almost everyone’s price range.  Now has never been a better time to shop for homes!

Alex Anderson is a perfect example of great Edina real estate agents that desire to help you step into your very own dream home. She will assist you every step of the way to find Edina homes for sale that suit your needs and budget.  Edina real estate listings don’t just include wonderful homes either; they include all kinds of Edina property: Edina houses, Edina condos, Edina townhomes, and even Edina land for sale!  If you’ve ever thought about condominium living, check out this great deal:  for just over $100,000 you can purchase a condominium on Vernon Avenue in Edina, close to everything you could ever need!  The condominium amenities include an outdoor AND indoor swimming pool, racquet-ball court, tennis court, and much more.  That’s right, amazing features at just over $100,000!

As you can see, living in Edina is not only accessible to most people, but it also can be luxurious for those with even moderate housing budgets!  And, of course, if condominium living isn’t your style, plenty of good deals can be found on Edina MN homes, too: just search Homes For Sale Edina on the Edina MLS to start your search today!

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Edina Homes For Sale

Ask anyone what one of the premier suburbs of the Twin Cities is, and Edina is surely to fall towards the top of the list.  Its close proximity to Minneapolis as well as Saint Paul make Edina a top choice for those who want to live in a great area but need to be close to the cities for their jobs…or maybe they just WANT to be close to all the attractions that the Twin Cities provide.  Edina real estate is very sought after but due to the wide variety of homes available its possible for home-seekers to find great homes in great locations for almost any budget.  Edina lies just south of downtown Minneapolis, very close to the trendy area of Uptown. There is a wide range of Edina realty available–anywhere from modern high-rise condo buildings to suburbia homes with a fenced-in yard.  No matter what your tastes are, what is certain is that Edina MN real estate WILL put you very close to all the action.  You’ll be right next door to popular lakes with running and biking paths, great beaches, sailing, kayaking, and more.  You’re just a few minutes drive from professional sports teams and world-class art museums.  Sneak over to the hundreds of trendy boutique shops and local pubs and restaurants of Uptown.  Edina homes have made all kinds of people happy and they are GREAT investments. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you browse all the Edina Minnesota real estate for sale and find just the right place for YOU!

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Edina Realty

Here is one of the single family Edina homes for sale, located off crosstown and France Avenue not too far from Southdale. It was a split level home built in the mid 70’s with a large sunny walk-out office (or family room or rec. room) downstairs and the main living space upstairs.

The large laundry room is also on the lower level containing newer furnace and water heater and filled with shelving for some excellent storage space. It is on the opposite side of the wall as this homes fireplace, in the corner of the lower level office.

The 2 car attached garage is a tuck-under style with separate garage doors and door to the back yard. Also has work bench area for additional storage or use as a workspace. This Edina property is fully insulated – get in a warm car in the cold winter!

Like many Edina houses, this one has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs. The master bedroom is approximately 13X14 and the master bath is a large full bath with plenty of mirrors and storage. The secondary bathroom is a 3/4, but fully tiled and room to convert to full if needed.

The kitchen opens out to the back deck and features newer appliances: side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher and range with hood. Vaulted ceilings throughout the upper level really give it a nice open feel.

Informal dining room has spectacular nature views and opens to the spacious living room with bay window. Newer frizz carpet throughout and neutral colors will make this one easy to decorate.

This piece of Edina real estate has a small deck out back from sliding glass doors in the office which leads to a little creek running through and mature trees giving some privacy from the neighbors. Some landscaping around the home gives it good curb appeal. Bring your lawnmower though, plenty of green grass here to maintain!

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Search the Edina Real Estate Listings for Edina Homes for Sale

Edina real estate, not to be confused with “Edina Realty”, the company, is among some of the most valuable in the country. It is rated highly for its average and median income as well as superior schools, law enforcement, government, and overall quality of life. Edina homes maintain their value even during times of recession, because of these factors. Edina MN real estate also appreciates better than many surrounding areas, and often double the Minnesota average.

Edina is also home to the first indoor mall in the world, creating significant Edina Minnesota real estate value increases starting in the late 60s. Edina homes for sale became in strong demand. And, as the area grew in demand for businesses and retail, so did Edina houses. So too did the schools and government follow suit. Increased Edina property values means increased taxes. Increased taxes means more resources with which the city can operate. Edina MN homes simply became the vehicle for the cities greatness. And I don’t mean to imply that it is only Edina houses contributing this value, Edina condos and Edina townhomes are also integral to the neighborhood, offering lower priced residences in the same valuable neighborhoods.

Also noteworthy to this topic is the growth of Edina Realty. This company was started here in this city as Edina Realty MN by an Edina housewife in 1955 hoping to save up enough money to buy her daughter a piano. Now, what started as Edina Realty Minnesota is the nations 4th largest real estate company with annual sales over 8.3 billion. Now the offices of Edina Realty Minneapolis are only now only a fraction of the over 80 offices in the state and thousands of offices throughout the country. Now, what started as a small $2000 endeavor is a national name with national notoriety. Edina Realty is no longer limited to the city Edina, or even the state of Minnesota.

Edina realtors, on the other hand are not limited to Edina Realty agents. Any agent licensed in the state can be an Edina realtor. And when searching for Edina real estate, it is best to simply start with the Edina MLS. This is where all Edina listings can be found and researched. Begin your search by specifying what you are looking for and a particular price range. Edina homes can be found under $200,000 if you’re lucky and they need quite a bit of work. Otherwise you can find Edina MN homes well over $1,000,000 and up. If you are shopping for Edina condos you can expect your upper price range to be somewhat similar but finding units for under $100,000 is easier; a nice inexpensive way to relocate to Edina. If you are shopping for Edina townhomes, they are somewhere in the middle. Similar to Edina homes, you may find a few under $200,000, but they are few and far between.

Remember, when you are purchasing Edina MN real estate, your best bet to find good Edina property is to start searching Edina listings specifically with the Edina MLS. All active Edina homes for sale will be listed there where you can access pictures and facts to begin your search.

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